Friday, 13 January 2012

Another day....another assignment!!

They say Christmas is a time for relaxation and reflection amongst other things. Unfortunately that's not the case if you’re in your second year of Psychology. I had not 1, not 2 but THREE deadlines due in on the 1st three days back at Uni :’(. Stress doesn’t even begin to cover it!! And after pulling an all nighter to get my essays complete, the night before I had 2 Brain, Behaviour and Cognition essays due, I checked my emails only to find my tutor had given us an extension on it from the 10th January to the 3rd of Feb!!!!!!!!!!! Which would have been great, had the email not been sent 2 HOURS before the deadline, when pretty much everyone would have submitted anyway!!!!! GRRRR. BUT on a more positive note,  besides a lab report due on the 25th Jan, I literally have a whole month freeeeeeee, without any assignments or work due at all!! And I SERIOUSLY cannot wait!!!

Anyway, onto the more funner aspects of my Christmas :). I had a great few days at home with my family, which basically consisted of a bunch of presents and loads and loads of food :D (which was kinda the best bit :P) and then after boxing day I had to go down to Ramsgate to have a second Christmas with my boyfriend and his family :) which again was so lovely!! Although we did want to go cinema and one point, and when we got there it was all sold out so we ended up in the local bingo hall, where I think I may have discovered my one true love!! It was just so thrilling :D despite the fact that we were possible the youngest people there! AND I won a pound LOL which made the experience that much better :D. And for like the first time in about 5 years I stayed in on New Years Eve and got a take away with my mum, which was actually really really nice as I didn’t have any of the palava that I had in previous years of trying to get home from central London!!! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and New Years as well :)

And now i’m just at work at the Enquiry unit, figuring what the hell this lab report is meant to be on, in between calls (We’re actually really busy today with the UCAS deadline looming....2 DAYS people!!).  Hopefully I’ll have it all figured out in by next week as I really don’t want to have to do work on my Birthday :D. Which is my motivation for getting this done, as my Boyfriend is taking me to see Shrek in Theatres, and it would be nice to go without feeling guilty for not doing work :P

Anyway thats it for now :D 

Byeeeeeeeeeee xx

(my babyyyy :D)