Thursday, 19 July 2012

GOALS UPDATED- 2 and a half down, a half to go (plus a new one added) :P

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted…but lots of things have happened since then!! Previously I wrote a blog about my short term goals for the future and I’m happy to report I have achieved almost all of them :D

The first of which was getting a first this year at Uni  :D which I’m very happy to report that I got :D I know it’s only my second year but it still counts for 25% of my grades and since second year is the hardest in Psychology, I feel a bit more confident going in to my third year… :D

My second goal was to pass my driving test as quickly as possible…this one I’ve only half completed as I passed my theory test, despite my horrendous lack of revision, although the Hazard Perception part of it was quite hard….So the last thing I need to do in order to complete this goal is to take my practical test, which is currently booked for the 13th August (less than 4 weeks away, eeeek). I’m not too worried about the actual test as I feel quite confident about how my driving is coming along, but what worries me is the fact I’m doing it at 8.05 in the morning so they’ll be a lot of traffic on the roads at that time and there’s 3 roundabouts on the route I need to do :( so we’ll seeee :(

My third goal which I managed to achieve was getting the position of senior clearing officer at the Enquiry unit, which I’m really happy about. I was confident going into the interview (maybe a bit too confident), but after the few tests we had to do I started to really doubt whether I would actually get it or not…I’m the sort of person that panics about every test I take whether it’s really simple or like a big exam for university or something, I slowly attempting to learn to have a bit more faith in my abilities.

Since I have completed the majority of these goals, I have decided to set myself a new one…possibly my hardest one yet…but my goal is to lose two stone by the time summer is over. I say it’s going to be hard because there is always food in this office!! Especially over Clearing, where everyone brings in some form of goodies, be it cakes or crisps or chocolate or some other tempting treats…and it’s so hard to resist when it’s staring you in the face!!! When you combine me working in the office for the last year with my love for food and the fact the netball season has been over for a while now, you begin to realise how I’ve managed to put on TWO whole stone in less than 10 months :( sob sob…I know it’s my own fault really…but I really am going to try and do something about it this summer (or what passes as a summer in this country)!!

My only other dilemma right now is in regards to my third year options….I mentioned previously that I got all the options for my third year that I wanted, but now I’m wondering whether to change one of them or not :/ I really do like all the options I’ve chosen at the moment, but I did really well on my statistics exams, and to be honest I didn’t really find the exam or the course particularly hard, so now I’m wondering since I seem to be good at it, whether it would make more sense for me to take it for third year instead of the mental health module which I have no experience in whatsoever… I spoke to my course leader about it and he said since the module is in the second term I have until Christmas to make my decision….which gives me plenty of time to think I guess…

Besides all of that I haven’t really been up to much…Uni has now completely finished for the summer, so I’m working full time in the Enquiry Unit at the moment, and I’m still doing my research work in the evenings and weekends, so hopefully by the time I start back at Uni in September I might ACTUALLY be out of my overdraft (for once!).

But yeahh….thats it for now :)

Take care xx