Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A serious blog (for once)

So after deliberating for ages about whether to attend the interview for this other job, despite the fact that I decided I didn’t want or need it anymore, I decided to go, purely for the experience of it. It was only about half way through the interview when I began to learn more about the research they were conducting and about how flexible they could be in terms of working around my two current jobs, that I decided I really actually wanted it!! By this point I was still fairly certain that I could still get the job, as I’m usually really good when it comes to interviews, that was until they then surprised me by asking a seemingly random statistics question. As I had didn’t have an interview for my other research assistant, this was my first one and I wasn’t expecting these types of questions at all, so it just completely threw me!! Normally I’m quite good at statistics as Maths is something which I’ve always enjoyed, but being so unprepared I just couldn’t think straight let alone give an appropriate answer, so I just said they first thing that came to my head and hoped they wouldn’t think of me as a complete idiot. This threw me for the rest of the interview as I just wanted to leave as I was just convinced I wouldn’t get the job and after not hearing back from them for about 3 weeks I decided this must have been the case....UNTIL I got a call in the middle of one of my lectures saying I got the job :D I was so happy....and almost in a state of shock considering how bad I thought the interview had gone, but yeah....I shall be starting that shortly :D . At least this experience has taught me to always be better prepared for interviews though, especially as they can literally ask you just about anything.
Another stressful thing that happened recently was picking my third year options...In psychology all the modules you study in third year are of your choosing, which sounds good on the surface, until we got told that most courses have limited places and fill up within the first minute of the link going about a rush or what!! So on the day we had to pick I was sat there refreshing the page every 2 seconds until the link appeared and then rushed to select all the ones I wanted...I think I did it correctly, but annoyingly as they don’t show you a copy of what you submitted so now I’ve managed to convince myself that I selected the wrong first choice, selecting psychology of neuroscience as opposed to psychology of exceptional human experiences, which is what I really want to do!! So now I’m just nervously waiting to see what ones I actually get!! :/
Besides that I have finished the majority of assignments now, with only one left to complete and just revision left to be done so for now I am actually enjoying the lull of mad rush of things...
Anywhooooo, more to come later J
p.s. here’s a picture of my cat to liven up this blog.

Tour tour tourrrrrrrrr

Tour tour tourrrrrrrrr, how do you like it how do you like it, TOUR TOUR TOUR.
In case you can’t tell this blog is about TOUR :) . I’ve just come back from a weeklong tour in Lloret de Mar with my university netball team! It was a great week filled with many great memories, not to mention trophies and many sleepless nights!!
They say a picture paints a thousand words so I thought I’d use a few of them to describe my week....

Day One- Travel/Surgeons day
This was taken on the beginning of our 25ish hour coach journey there....believe me when I say this was more comfy then it looks!!!

Day Two: Clown dayyy :D
This was actually a really fun costume :D and the sun was actually out for most of the day!!

Day Three- Naked Chef Day

This day we had to go play the first few netball matches where we made it to the final, which we had to play the next day!! I really liked the costumes as well as they came with a really cool apron with the university of Greenwich on :D definitely going use that again!!


Day Four - Netball Final Day/Mexican Night
Soooo we won :D we ended up walking away with 1st and 3rd place :D our football boys always won 1st place as well :D so we were very happy!
This costume was not one of my favourites as those hats made it virtually impossible to move in a crowded area :(

Day Five- Freshers Olympics/Tour Top night/Last night :(
Unfortunately for the freshers it was very cold and wet on this day and they had to complete a series of fresher Olympics which involved things like jumping into the sea etc. :P would want to be them :P
We also had to wear our tour tops out that night, which displayed our tour names on the back and we also looked various accessories so we looked like golfers :P
It was our last night in Llroet so it was a sad one, especially as for a few people, like myself, this is going be our last tour.

My friends and I all got various hennas to commemorate it though :)

Day Six: Home time :(
Luckily for me, I learnt from the dreadfully long and cramped coach journey home last year and booked a plane back to London instead :D
Which meant instead of getting home sometime on the Friday, I got home Thursday evening after a lovely day of shopping and food, after everyone else was piled onto the coach earlier that morning :P mwah ha ha.

But yeah :) that was took me a few days to recover from all the sleepless nights but I would highly recommend going to any sports team, as it really does bring teams together :) and you may even win a trophy or two ;)
Bye for now xx