Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Updates so far….

So third year is still proving to be quiet challenging…but it hasn’t got too overwhelming as of yet!
I’m really enjoying my Social Psychology module, but there is just so much information to take in, and the only assessment we have for this is an essay worth 100% of our grade! So I’m worried if I get it wrong, this module could really bring down my overall marks!! :/  We were giving the chance to complete a practice essay though if we wanted too, which I did, so I’m hoping I’ll get some useful feedback from this which (fingers crossed) might help me improve my skills in time for the real essay.
One of my other modules, Exceptional Human Experiences is equally interesting, but for some reason this module is turning me into a bit of a sceptic. I have always had a keen interest in all things supernatural but after hearing various different accounts of people seeing spirits, having out of body experiences and people who believe they have supernatural powers, I really have started to question the authenticity of it all. I thought this course would have done the opposite of this, but regardless, it is still a really interesting module and I think I’m just going to have to put aside my scepticism and approach it with an open mind as I want to come across impartial in my essays.
My last module of this term is Positive Psychology, where a key area of this branch of psychology, mainly focuses on how to improve people’s happiness and wellbeing through the use of positive psychological interventions. One of our assignments is a reflective account, and requires us to complete some of these interventions and assess whether we think they actually improve our own happiness. The one I recently did is called ‘Three Good Things’ where each night you have to write down three good things which have happened to you that day, and explain why you think they happened…at first it was fairly easy to do to as I wrote about bigger things but after a while it began getting more difficult and I started  writing things like ‘I got the early bus to work and wasn’t late’ and then eventually I just couldn’t think of anything to write on a daily basis so I gave up :P I’m not sure whether it did make me happier or not as I didn’t really notice a different, so I’ll see whether any of the other interventions have a more noticeable effect and keep you updated, although feel free to try this one for yourself and see how you get on!!
Finally, my third year project is really coming along. I have finished collecting/entering all of my data now, and have analysed it, although only half of my data was found to be significant :(, It’s better than nothing I suppose, but it still wasn’t the result I was looking for. I am now in the process of writing it all up ready for the draft submission, so fingers crossed I’ll have the majority of it out of the way before January!!
Anyways, that’s all for now folks :) take care x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Talk about thrown in at the deep end…

Considering I thought second year was hectic, that’s nothing compared to how third year has been so far!!! I mean the majority of the 'hecticness' is down to me, as the modules themselves aren’t too bad at the moment as they’re mainly introductory lectures, what’s really hectic is my dissertation.  Both myself and my project supervisor thought it would be a good idea to get the data collection out of the way as soon as possible, which is a great idea in theory as it gives me longer to do the analysis and the write up, but in practice it’s very stressful!! I’ve managed to get about 100 participants so far, and just literally need a handful more before I can start attempting to sort out the data, which is a lot easier said than done, considering each participant has had to complete about 8 separate forms each!! It’ll definitely be a great relief once I get it out of the way and can focus on the assignments I have for my other courses!
One point which I can stress enough to any potential psychology students is to plan your project well ahead of when you actually need to!! So many of my friends have yet to do their ethical approval forms, and some haven’t even thought of an idea for their projects yet! This is going to put them at a major disadvantage when it comes to next year and they’re still desperately trying to get participants to take part in their project in time for the deadline!! It also helps to pick a topic in an area you’re most interested in as this motivates you to actually want to work on it and do well on it, rather than it feeling like something which you HAVE to do.
As I said before, the modules haven’t been too bad so far as they’re just easing us in at the moment. In the exceptional human experience course, my lecturer managed to successfully freak us out by picking my friend at random using a number game and proceeding to accurately describe her house…it did turn out that it was all a set up and he was actually using google maps to know what it looked like, but he was a good actor and certainly had me convinced for a bit that he had some supernatural powers or something!!
The other interesting thing we got to do was in my Social Psychology class, where we watched this German film called ‘The Wave’ or ‘Die Welle’. It’s all about in groups and out groups and relates to the social categorisation theory, as well as linking back to the Nazis from world war 2, and surprisingly it’s really engaging as although it’s not based on a true story, it depicts a very realistic scenario which could actually occur today, given the right situations.
Anyways, that’s it for now…Hopefully things will quieten down a bit sooon :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

And so the final year begins….

Well not yet, there’s still technically two weeks before we start back, but I’m excited so I’m jumping the gun a little bit with my preparation :p

I am excited about starting but nervous at the same time, and not for the reasons you might think either, as I’m not so much nervous about the course, or my dissertation or anything like that, I’m more nervous about what me completing my degree actually means. Namely that I’m one step closer to graduating and having to pick what I could potentially be doing for the rest of my life.

I think I’ve managed to narrow down my choices now though; to either doing a primary PGCE as teaching is an area which has long held an interest for me. Or applying for a full time research assistant job with the University. A almost perfect job came up yesterday, and I met all the requirements for it and I got so happy and started filling out the application form and everything, until my colleague pointed out I had read it wrong, and instead of starting in September 2013, the job actually runs until then :( meaning that I’m not eligible to do it as I still have one year left of my degree :(. Apart from being gutted about that, it has given me slightly more hope though that a job like this may actually be possible when I graduate!

Moving on to the more foreseeable future, I can’t believe I’m ACTUALLY going in to third year. Seeing the freshers get all excited about coming to university brings back so many memories of me starting 2 years ago, and it really doesn’t feel like I’m going into my third yearDescription: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif already!! Time has gone so so quickly!!!

I am looking forward to starting my modules though, as this will be the first time that all the subjects I’m doing are of my own choosing :D . In my first term I am going to be doing: Positive psychology, Exceptional human experiences and Social Psychology 3. And then in the second term I’m doing Law and Psychology and Advanced Statistics! :D I’m pretty excited about all of the courses to be fair, but I think the Law and Psychology one is going to be the most interesting as it’ll tie in with the subject  of my dissertation  and the research work I’ve been doing :)

Speaking of my ‘dissertation’ I don’t really know why I call it that as technically its as ‘third year project’, but hardly anyone knows what I mean when I say that, so dissertation is just easier :P. In psychology the third year project means you have to pick an area of psychology which you’re interesting in and then come up with a research question and design a study to test it :) I’m happy with how mine is going at the moment, I have completed my ethics and just waiting for ethical approval now :) and I’ve done my first draft of my introduction and method, which is all I can really do for now until I actually conduct my study :( but its something at least!!

Anyways that’s all for now, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the goings on of my third year :)

Byeeeeee xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

GOALS UPDATED- 2 and a half down, a half to go (plus a new one added) :P

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted…but lots of things have happened since then!! Previously I wrote a blog about my short term goals for the future and I’m happy to report I have achieved almost all of them :D

The first of which was getting a first this year at Uni  :D which I’m very happy to report that I got :D I know it’s only my second year but it still counts for 25% of my grades and since second year is the hardest in Psychology, I feel a bit more confident going in to my third year… :D

My second goal was to pass my driving test as quickly as possible…this one I’ve only half completed as I passed my theory test, despite my horrendous lack of revision, although the Hazard Perception part of it was quite hard….So the last thing I need to do in order to complete this goal is to take my practical test, which is currently booked for the 13th August (less than 4 weeks away, eeeek). I’m not too worried about the actual test as I feel quite confident about how my driving is coming along, but what worries me is the fact I’m doing it at 8.05 in the morning so they’ll be a lot of traffic on the roads at that time and there’s 3 roundabouts on the route I need to do :( so we’ll seeee :(

My third goal which I managed to achieve was getting the position of senior clearing officer at the Enquiry unit, which I’m really happy about. I was confident going into the interview (maybe a bit too confident), but after the few tests we had to do I started to really doubt whether I would actually get it or not…I’m the sort of person that panics about every test I take whether it’s really simple or like a big exam for university or something, I slowly attempting to learn to have a bit more faith in my abilities.

Since I have completed the majority of these goals, I have decided to set myself a new one…possibly my hardest one yet…but my goal is to lose two stone by the time summer is over. I say it’s going to be hard because there is always food in this office!! Especially over Clearing, where everyone brings in some form of goodies, be it cakes or crisps or chocolate or some other tempting treats…and it’s so hard to resist when it’s staring you in the face!!! When you combine me working in the office for the last year with my love for food and the fact the netball season has been over for a while now, you begin to realise how I’ve managed to put on TWO whole stone in less than 10 months :( sob sob…I know it’s my own fault really…but I really am going to try and do something about it this summer (or what passes as a summer in this country)!!

My only other dilemma right now is in regards to my third year options….I mentioned previously that I got all the options for my third year that I wanted, but now I’m wondering whether to change one of them or not :/ I really do like all the options I’ve chosen at the moment, but I did really well on my statistics exams, and to be honest I didn’t really find the exam or the course particularly hard, so now I’m wondering since I seem to be good at it, whether it would make more sense for me to take it for third year instead of the mental health module which I have no experience in whatsoever… I spoke to my course leader about it and he said since the module is in the second term I have until Christmas to make my decision….which gives me plenty of time to think I guess…

Besides all of that I haven’t really been up to much…Uni has now completely finished for the summer, so I’m working full time in the Enquiry Unit at the moment, and I’m still doing my research work in the evenings and weekends, so hopefully by the time I start back at Uni in September I might ACTUALLY be out of my overdraft (for once!).

But yeahh….thats it for now :)

Take care xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I swear all I have heard lately is goals….goals made in football….career goals…personal goals…goals goals goals…I suppose I wouldn’t have noticed much if only I had goals of my own….I mean I have short term goals, but in terms of my career when I leave Uni, I literally have no idea. The thing about a Psychology degree is that it is so versatile that it provides the starting point for numerous careers, which I used to think was a good thing, until I realized I had no idea what I actually want to do with my life once I complete my degree. Sometimes I envy people doing degrees such as Nursing, as they have such a clear path they can follow, and although they can branch off, ultimately they’re still going to be a nurse.

I have been considering a few careers paths, the first is teaching, which would involve me doing a PGCE in lifelong learning (psychology), and is only a year long and the money is good…

My next option I’m considering is the PGDip in Mental Health Nursing, and would require a further 3 years of study before I could begin earning money.

My third option, is work as a research assistant at Greenwich University at the same time as completing my Phd…so I’d be earning money to support me through my (hopefully funded) studies, but it can take up to 6-8 years to complete…

My fourth and final option is to go through a MET Police Graduate Scheme and work earning money straight away.

So yeahhhh, four very different career options and I have absolutely NO idea which one of these, (if any) that I want to pursue…for now I guess I’m just going to have to continue with my degree in the hopes that one day I have a sudden epiphany and realise what I actually want to do with the rest of my life….
HOWEVER, I do have a few short term goals to be getting on with for the time being…the first (and probably the most pressing) is to pass both my theory and practical driving test in quick succession…it is so depressing having a car yet not being able to drive it…although on the flip side I still need another pay day before I can even afford to insure it, so perhaps it’s a good thing I haven’t passed yet :P ANYWAY I have my theory this week and I am yet to even begin revising (Silly I know) but I will revise…soon…well at some point anyway :P

My next goal is to get a first this year (and my degree overall) although this is probably the least pressing as having sat all my exams I am now at the mercy of the examiners, so there’s nothing more I can do to improve it…I’ve worked out though, even scraping the bare minimum (40) in my exams I’m still guaranteed a 2:1…BUUUUUUUUT I want a first…the perfectionist that I am :P

My third and final goal is to become a Senior Clearing assistant, throughout the main Clearing period. I already meet the first requirement, as I have worked for Clearing previously, and I have just sent off my application…all that’s left to do is to wait for the interview and complete the skills tests and then we’ll see whether I’m good enough for the job!!

So yeahhh, that’s my short term goals for now…fingers crossed I manage to achieve the majority of them…although achieving ALL of them would be amazing!!

Hope you guys have some goals to be aiming for too :)

Bye for nowwwww xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PHEW!!! Let the updates begin....

Soooooo, I know its been a while since I’ve last written on here, but I actually have a good reason!! EXAMS :(. Over the past three weeks all I've done is eat, sleep and revised. And anytime I wasn’t revising I felt horrendously guilty that I wasn't revising so I didn't feel motivated to do anything else anyway. It didn't help as 2 of my exams were bang smack in the middle of the lovely heat wave we had, meaning it was almost doubly hard to do any revision at all :(.

Out of the three exams  I did, I’m confident with one of them, and the other two, I think I definitely did enough to pass, I am just not sure whether I did good enough to get the first that I have been aiming for. BUT there’s nothing I can do now until the results come out mid July, so for now I’m focusing on other things and trying not to panic about it :)

Moving on to slightly happier news, I bought a car :D :D :D its my first car so I’m very excited/proud of it, even though I can’t technically drive it just yet...although thats just a small technicality :P I’m planning on starting my lessons when I get back from holiday, and I’m going to attempt to do an intensive driving course, which is approximately 30 hours of driving a week, with the test at the end of it...fingers crossed that it goes okay, as I have now officially wiped out all my savings/overdraft on it :( !!

Now the exams are officially over, I can begin the preparation for my final year project. I am aiming to get the majority of it written up over summer, so I can conduct it the first week back next year. So if you’re going to come and study Psychology at Greenwich next year, chances are you’ll be participating in my study :D it’s a fun one to do, don’t worry :)

In other news, I’m currently preparing for a film shoot, with a German news programme Planetopia, in regards to the research I am helping out with, with the MET police :)! It should be a great experience, and appearing on TV  is always a good thing to have on your CV. It’s also good preparation for the segment of Crimewatch they will be hopefully filming us for in the run up to the anniversary of the 2011 riots.

Besides the fact that I am going to Turkey for a well deserved break in a couple of days, there isn't anything else left to fill you guys in on :) hopefully you all are well, and I’ll have more to update you will after my holiday!!

Bye for now xxx

My new baby, Bertie <3

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A serious blog (for once)

So after deliberating for ages about whether to attend the interview for this other job, despite the fact that I decided I didn’t want or need it anymore, I decided to go, purely for the experience of it. It was only about half way through the interview when I began to learn more about the research they were conducting and about how flexible they could be in terms of working around my two current jobs, that I decided I really actually wanted it!! By this point I was still fairly certain that I could still get the job, as I’m usually really good when it comes to interviews, that was until they then surprised me by asking a seemingly random statistics question. As I had didn’t have an interview for my other research assistant, this was my first one and I wasn’t expecting these types of questions at all, so it just completely threw me!! Normally I’m quite good at statistics as Maths is something which I’ve always enjoyed, but being so unprepared I just couldn’t think straight let alone give an appropriate answer, so I just said they first thing that came to my head and hoped they wouldn’t think of me as a complete idiot. This threw me for the rest of the interview as I just wanted to leave as I was just convinced I wouldn’t get the job and after not hearing back from them for about 3 weeks I decided this must have been the case....UNTIL I got a call in the middle of one of my lectures saying I got the job :D I was so happy....and almost in a state of shock considering how bad I thought the interview had gone, but yeah....I shall be starting that shortly :D . At least this experience has taught me to always be better prepared for interviews though, especially as they can literally ask you just about anything.
Another stressful thing that happened recently was picking my third year options...In psychology all the modules you study in third year are of your choosing, which sounds good on the surface, until we got told that most courses have limited places and fill up within the first minute of the link going live...talk about a rush or what!! So on the day we had to pick I was sat there refreshing the page every 2 seconds until the link appeared and then rushed to select all the ones I wanted...I think I did it correctly, but annoyingly as they don’t show you a copy of what you submitted so now I’ve managed to convince myself that I selected the wrong first choice, selecting psychology of neuroscience as opposed to psychology of exceptional human experiences, which is what I really want to do!! So now I’m just nervously waiting to see what ones I actually get!! :/
Besides that I have finished the majority of assignments now, with only one left to complete and just revision left to be done so for now I am actually enjoying the lull of mad rush of things...
Anywhooooo, more to come later J
p.s. here’s a picture of my cat to liven up this blog.

Tour tour tourrrrrrrrr

Tour tour tourrrrrrrrr, how do you like it how do you like it, TOUR TOUR TOUR.
In case you can’t tell this blog is about TOUR :) . I’ve just come back from a weeklong tour in Lloret de Mar with my university netball team! It was a great week filled with many great memories, not to mention trophies and many sleepless nights!!
They say a picture paints a thousand words so I thought I’d use a few of them to describe my week....

Day One- Travel/Surgeons day
This was taken on the beginning of our 25ish hour coach journey there....believe me when I say this was more comfy then it looks!!!

Day Two: Clown dayyy :D
This was actually a really fun costume :D and the sun was actually out for most of the day!!

Day Three- Naked Chef Day

This day we had to go play the first few netball matches where we made it to the final, which we had to play the next day!! I really liked the costumes as well as they came with a really cool apron with the university of Greenwich on :D definitely going use that again!!


Day Four - Netball Final Day/Mexican Night
Soooo we won :D we ended up walking away with 1st and 3rd place :D our football boys always won 1st place as well :D so we were very happy!
This costume was not one of my favourites as those hats made it virtually impossible to move in a crowded area :(

Day Five- Freshers Olympics/Tour Top night/Last night :(
Unfortunately for the freshers it was very cold and wet on this day and they had to complete a series of fresher Olympics which involved things like jumping into the sea etc. :P would want to be them :P
We also had to wear our tour tops out that night, which displayed our tour names on the back and we also looked various accessories so we looked like golfers :P
It was our last night in Llroet so it was a sad one, especially as for a few people, like myself, this is going be our last tour.

My friends and I all got various hennas to commemorate it though :)

Day Six: Home time :(
Luckily for me, I learnt from the dreadfully long and cramped coach journey home last year and booked a plane back to London instead :D
Which meant instead of getting home sometime on the Friday, I got home Thursday evening after a lovely day of shopping and food, after everyone else was piled onto the coach earlier that morning :P mwah ha ha.

But yeah :) that was tour...it took me a few days to recover from all the sleepless nights but I would highly recommend going to any sports team, as it really does bring teams together :) and you may even win a trophy or two ;)
Bye for now xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy Red Day

Today is officially the British Heart Foundation day where everyone is encouraged to wear red and donate to support this important charity. Here in the enquiry unit we’ve all turned up dressed in red, as well as eating red themed food and running various competitions throughout the office to try and raise as much as we can :), and if you would like to know more about the charity and do your part you can click on this link which will take you to their website: http://www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising/red-for-heart.aspx or alternatively you can donate by texting WIWT24 £XX to 70700 , replacing XX With the amount of money you wish to donate.

On a slightly unrelated note, finally got my grade back for my portfolio that I was stressing so much about. I did in that time where I had 3 deadlines due in 3 days, so I was seriously questioning whether or not I would get a good grade for it or not....BUT I did.....WOOOHOOO :D ended up get a 75 (1st) which I was over the moon about!! It was worth 50% of my module which now means I only need another 2.5% in order to pass :D definitely a weight of my mind!!

AND the good news keeps on flowing; I also found out that I got the job I applied for as a research assistant working alongside the MET police :D which will be great experience for me!! Additionally, I also have been asked to come along for an interview for another research assistant position next week, but I’m debating whether or not I should go, as I barely have time to manage everything I’m doing at the moment, with assignments, netball, working for the enquiry unit and actually going to uni, I don’t even know how i’m going to fit in this new job let alone another one :/ and i’d hate to go to the interview, get it, and then be in the horrible position of having to turn/let them down :/ it’s definitely something I need to think about either way!!

But yeah, that’s my week pretty much summed up, hopefully all of you have had a good week, :)

Bye for now xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

A year in the life of a first year psychology student...

Rather than my usual blog of tales of my life, I decided to focus this one on what it is like studying psychology and my personal experience of the models I did in my first year, so then if anyone is thinking of choosing psychology for their degree it’ll (hopefully) give them a bit more of an insight to it and what it's actually like. (Although don’t let my experiences put you off....everyone is different after all, and all have different interests!!)

Year One (Fresherrssss).

This was made up of 4 modules; 3 compulsory ones and 1 we could choose.  And was spread over 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) with 7 hours of lectures and 5 hours of seminars.

The modules were:

Academic and Personal Development (30 Credits).
This in my opinion was probably the easiest module of them all....this one involved working on a lot of the basic skills needed to study psychology, such as literature searchers, essay writing as well as filming a video of us conducting a psychology experiment. This module was helpful as it allowed us to practice our key skills and as I found the assignments relatively easy, this module helped to boost my overall grade for the year.

Introduction for Psychology (30 Credits).
This module was literally what it says on tin, an introduction to psychology; luckily for me I did A level psychology, so I already had a fair bit of knowledge about the key psychology studies, such as Milgram, Zimbardo etc...which helped me a lot with this side of this course, although saying that this was probably the one that I had to work the hardest foras there was just so much information that we had to remember, especially when it came to the mini tests or the final exam.

Research Methods (30 Credits).
This module is probably the most important one of both the first and second year because this one you NEED to pass in order to pass the year, where as if you fail another module, it doesn’t matter as long as your overall grade is above 40. Another thing people were surprised about when we started this module was that it is largely based on statistics; this plays a key role in psychology as statistics help examine the relationship between two variables and is used in nearly every psychology study conducted, and when it came to producing our three lab reports for the year, as well as writing up the studies we conducted, we also needed to analysis it using the appropriate statistics as well as producing graphs and stuff to illustrate the data. On this module we alternated each week between research method lectures/seminars, (which were mainly all about ways to conduct research and the problems with certain methods etc) and statistic lectures. As well as the 3 lab reports we were also assessed using fortnightly statistics tests and method work books as well as an open book statistics exam at the end of the year and a closed book methods exam.

Counselling (30 Credits) or Applied Psychology (30 Credits). 
Here I mistakenly choose to do counselling as I was filled with the deluded ideas of helping people through all their problems etc.....unfortunately for me, when we had to watch the videos of case studies,  I soon realised that I could not stand the idea of sitting there listening to other people go on and on about their problems. I just don’t have it in my personality to sit there and actually listen instead of just saying ‘MAN UP’. And as that’s kind of the main focus of counselling, needless to say I quickly lost interest in this subject. There were 3 assessments on this course, 2 open book mini exams and 1 seen exam at the end of the year, and as it was seen it meant that we were given the exam questions 2 weeks before the exam so we could prepare our exam questions ahead of time...if it wasn’t for that fact I really don’t think I would have passed as if it’s not something i’m interested in I don’t really tend to retain the information as easy as other course. 
But I passed.....so I guess that’s all that matters, and I we don’t have to do it in second or third year, so thats a big yaaaay from me :D.
On the other side of things, we were also able to choose to do applied psychology, which looks at the application of psychology in the real world. The thing my friends loved about doing this module was the fact that there is no exam for it...it’s all coursework based, which had I known before I would have been really tempted to choose this instead, as I hate exams!!!!

But yeah.....Thats pretty much my first year in a nutshell....I’ll write another one about second year sometime in the future. ...but for now I hope this blog will shed some light on what psychology is really like as a degree.

Soooo goodbye for now xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Another day....another assignment!!

They say Christmas is a time for relaxation and reflection amongst other things. Unfortunately that's not the case if you’re in your second year of Psychology. I had not 1, not 2 but THREE deadlines due in on the 1st three days back at Uni :’(. Stress doesn’t even begin to cover it!! And after pulling an all nighter to get my essays complete, the night before I had 2 Brain, Behaviour and Cognition essays due, I checked my emails only to find my tutor had given us an extension on it from the 10th January to the 3rd of Feb!!!!!!!!!!! Which would have been great, had the email not been sent 2 HOURS before the deadline, when pretty much everyone would have submitted anyway!!!!! GRRRR. BUT on a more positive note,  besides a lab report due on the 25th Jan, I literally have a whole month freeeeeeee, without any assignments or work due at all!! And I SERIOUSLY cannot wait!!!

Anyway, onto the more funner aspects of my Christmas :). I had a great few days at home with my family, which basically consisted of a bunch of presents and loads and loads of food :D (which was kinda the best bit :P) and then after boxing day I had to go down to Ramsgate to have a second Christmas with my boyfriend and his family :) which again was so lovely!! Although we did want to go cinema and one point, and when we got there it was all sold out so we ended up in the local bingo hall, where I think I may have discovered my one true love!! It was just so thrilling :D despite the fact that we were possible the youngest people there! AND I won a pound LOL which made the experience that much better :D. And for like the first time in about 5 years I stayed in on New Years Eve and got a take away with my mum, which was actually really really nice as I didn’t have any of the palava that I had in previous years of trying to get home from central London!!! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and New Years as well :)

And now i’m just at work at the Enquiry unit, figuring what the hell this lab report is meant to be on, in between calls (We’re actually really busy today with the UCAS deadline looming....2 DAYS people!!).  Hopefully I’ll have it all figured out in by next week as I really don’t want to have to do work on my Birthday :D. Which is my motivation for getting this done, as my Boyfriend is taking me to see Shrek in Theatres, and it would be nice to go without feeling guilty for not doing work :P

Anyway thats it for now :D 

Byeeeeeeeeeee xx

(my babyyyy :D)