Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas timeeeee, mistletoe and wineeeee...

FINALLY the wait is almost over and then Christmas shall be upon us :D. I’m still counting down the days on my rapidly shrinking advent calendar :D

I’m glad I can finally start to relax a little bit and begin to enjoy the run up to Christmas as it’s been a very hectic few weeks...

Firstly we had our office Christmas party, which was fab :) we went to Cafe Rouge and majority of the food (especially the starter) were lovelyyy. We also did a quiz thing which needless to say I failed miserably at :( but it was still good fun, and then we got to do Secret Santa :D :D :D my favourite part of my meal by far as I got a beautiful scarf from my old supervisor Tony which is very much appreciated now the weather has taken a turn for the worst!! And afterwards we headed to O’Neil’s as it was one of our colleagues Dan’s leaving drinks :’( so we had to celebrate/commiserate that :P.

Then I had a seen exam to prepare for...its kinda like an essay assignment and an exam rolled into one as you get given the questions like 2 weeks before the exam and you had to prepare answers for them and then memorise them. I think I did okay...I pretty much remembered both of the essays I prepared, so now it just boils down to whether my essays were any good...fingers crossed!!

Then a day later, my lovely neighbours headed to South Africa for 2 months so as a good bye thing we decided to throw a Christmas dinner/mini party type thing, and me being slightly naive thought that cooking for 8 people would be just as easy/straightforward as when I usually cook for my family of 3...turns out its more stressful than I ever thought!! Eventually though I got a 3 course meal out and everything besides the slightly over cooked turkey was delish :) so turned out to be a really lovely day...although I’ve nominated my mum to cook the next Christmas dinner, much rather just eat it than cook it :D

I also had to sit a mock exam for my statistics course, although my friends and I realised about 10 minutes into the exam that perhaps going out for the Netball Christmas meal the night before wasn’t really the best idea...would never recommend going out the night before an exam as it is absolute torture sitting there for hours when you feel like you want to die...especially at 9am!! I managed to scrape through it though and ended up with it was worth dragging myself out of bed for...

After the exam I got given my first lab report back...the one I worked sooo hard on....and it turns out I didn’t work hard enough as only managed to get a 62 L its still a 2:1 but its miles away from that first that I really want!!  Although on the bright side it gives me more motivation to work harder on my next assignment!! I’m still waiting to get a mark back on the essay I handed in at the beginning of October!!! It’s been like 6 weeks now but my lecturer still hasn’t finished marking them....grrrr.

Here at the Enquiry Unit I officially finish working Fridays today :) and then I’m only working a few days overtime until we come back so I’m gonna use the rest of my time to work on one of my numerous assignments...we start back at Uni on the 9th and I have a 2000 word Critical Review due, then on the 10th I have a 2500 word Portfolio due and then on the 11th I have a 2500 Biopsychology essay due :( I’m thinking my Christmas may not be so merry after all :( 

Ahhhh well, I’m still excited about Christmas (and food and presents etc..) either way :)
So for now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ‘morning’ lol :P xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

One of the most common reactions I’m faced with when I tell people that I study psychology, is ‘OMG, can you read minds’. Unfortunately for me, I cannot and nor is that was psychology is about!

Although if I could read minds I would be very interested to read my lecturers’ minds and try and find out what I got for my latest assignment I submitted....Slightly worried about it as being a academic-perfectionist I do always liked to aim for the top and achieve a 1st so whenever I submit a piece of work I’m not 100% happy with I do tend to stress until I get my fingers crossed!!

Additionally, I’m finding it a lot harder this year than in first year...I know it should go without saying that second year would be harder I just didn’t realise it would be THIS hard. I was lucky in my first year as not only did I do a psychology A level, I also did a Maths one too which helped me so much with the Statistics side of the course and the majority of work we covered in first year was almost a repeat for me, but unfortunately that’s where it ends, as everything we’ve covered this year is new, and at the moment it just feels like it’s one assignment after another and I’m really trying not to let it pile on top of me...


I'm half excited. Half petrified. So much to doooo, so little timeeee, I’ve got so much shopping I need to doooo as well as a festive Christmas Menu to plan, (which I must admit I do love doing!!). Going shopping this weekend though so hopefully I’ll be able to get the majority of it over and done with then :D I have a vague idea of what I want to get everyone so hopefully it all goes to plan :).

Anyways, that’s it for now :)

Cyaaa, xx

Friday, 18 November 2011


Until:  BREAKING DAWN!!!!!

Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover it  :D this is like my favourite book and can’t wait to see how they’ve adapted it to the film :D. I’ve just got the Open Day to get through tomorrow and then I’m FREEEEEEE to go and watch it :D

On a less exciting note, after I watch Breaking Dawn I then have to spend the rest of my weekend desperately trying to finish off one of my many assignments due next week  :( whoever said third year is the hardest obviously forgot just how many assignments/exams you actually have to get through in second year *cries in despair*.

Because of the amount of work I’ve had to do, these past couple of weeks have actually been pretty mundane :( ...we did have our Netball initiations though :D that definitely put a smile on my face as since I’m now in second year,  I got the pleasure of terrorising the very unlucky freshers :D (Don’t worry we didn’t do anything TOO bad to them....we are ladies after all :D).  And my team played a couple of matches...unfortunately we did lose them both *boo hoo* but we are getting better with each match we play so fingers crossed for our match next week :D.

Besides that the only other exciting thing I did was to go to this restaurant Cosmos...Seriously, if there is a heaven I imagine that it would pretty much resemble there...Cosmos literally has every single food you can imagine....chinese....indian...thai....sushi....roast etc :D and then my personal favourite..THE DESERT BAR :D needless to say I practically starved myself that day and successfully polished off about half the restaurant :D om nom nom.

But anyways, hopefully once I hand in this next assignment I will have much more exciting news to share with you all :) but for now it’s off back to work I know....bye bye for now xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

It’s a sad day....a very very sad day :(

Sooooo it’s my friends Laura’s last day working in the Enquiry Unit today :( which means that every Friday I’m gonna be all alone on this side of the office....besides Sam W/Dan, but  they’re boys so they don’t really count as proper company :(. Although on the bright side she did buy some haribos and chocolates as a goodbye present so it’s not THAT bad now :)

 Laura made this as a goodbye tribute thing...and before you say anything, it IS a very quiet day in the office!!!!! :P

On another positive note, I managed to submit my first assignment todayyy :) it was only a practice report, but I’m still proud I submitted it and work hard for it so it’ll be interesting to see what the feedback on it is!! Although I do have another 3 assignments due in by the end of next week so I’m not too sure I should be celebrating just yet  :(!!

OH btw, if any current students read this blog, it’s not too late to join the best sports society at Greenwich (in my opinion :P) aka Netball :) it not also keeps you fit but it has an awesome social aspect to it tooooo!! As 6th team Captain I’ve arranged a social on Monday for my team so we can all get to know each other off court and (hopefully) play better as a team as well :). Since its Halloween we’re all dressing up in scary costumes and hitting Nando’s before finding somewhere to party :D

Alsoooo less than 2 months until Christmasssssssssss!! Eeeeeek. I’m one of those people that gets crazily excited for Christmas....I just love everything about it....the food...the presents...and just the general atmosphere it brings :D so so sooo hoping it snows this year though!! Would be nice to see one white Christmas!! Already started putting together some people’s presents and yesterday I was in London and I couldn’t resist going into this little Christmas boutique and buying some new fancy ornaments to go on the tree :D!! And can’t wait till it’s appropriate for me to start baking all the xmas treats :D

Anyway, thats enough about me for now :)

Cyaaa x

Friday, 14 October 2011

My First Blog!

Hello allllll, and welcome to my first ever blog :D.
Soooo fresher’s week is well and truly over *sob sob* so hopefully all of you that were out enjoyed it, and for those of you that weren’t there, here’s just a little taste of what happened:
This is some of the members of the netball club, it was ‘Mime night’ but it was a far from silent night :P Also I’m the one that the big arrow is pointing to, in couldn’t you can’t tell :).

And this is me and two of my best friends, on cave girl night. As we’re part of the netball team we always have a pre-gathering before going out at one of the members flats, and there’s normally anywhere between 20-50 girls there each week so you’re always guaranteed that it’s gonna be a good night :D. 
ALSOOOOOOOOOO a bit of exciting news, just found out that I got made Captain of my Netball team againnn, exciting times :D!! We had our first match on Wednesday and played BRILLIANTLY, although we ended up losing, I’m so proud of my team considering it’s the first time we’ve ever played together :P.
On another note, I’m kinda finding second year on my course (psychology) alot harder than I thought I would!! There’s so much work and barely enough time to do it!! In addition to my uni work, I also work one day a week at the Enquiry Unit, which although it’s great fun, it is hard working whilst studying L. I love my course and job and social life though so I reckon i’m going to have to organise myself really well if i’m ever gonna be able to get anything done!!!  
Anyway, more from me later, bye bye for now,
Kelty xxx