Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Freebies and more :)

Wellll I said I was going to talk about freebies following on from my previous blog as well as give a few updates on my life, so here it is :)

FREEBIES: Now these are, as the name implies, free :) which definitely makes it one of my favourite money saving tips! These freebies aren't enough to live on, but they certainly help provide a treat or two along the way!! The majority of freebies I tend to get the most are kindle e-books, cinema tickets and, most enjoyably, food :D. These freebies are usually gained in one of two ways; either you enter your details and get sent the freebie (by post or electronically), or you get given a voucher to print out to exchange for the free products. You'll be surprised at just how much companies are willing to give away to help promote their products, especially around the holidays (Xmas/valentine’s day etc.). For example, last Christmas, Pringles (the crisp not the clothing brand :P) had this advent calendar on Facebook, and every day you could open a ‘can’ and potentially win a prize...I did it most days whilst on the bus as it literally took 2 seconds to do, and as a result I won a variety of prizes including a Pringles speaker, a £10 iTunes voucher and an e-book voucher (to buy books for my kindle with). All of which came in very handy...not bad for a couple of minutes work, eh?

Other freebies I've got recently include: Christmas tree anti drop spray, a Brother Cider sports bag, £25 organic mini skin care starter kit, £20 train fare vouchers, 80 drink aware plastic cups (which went to the cheerleading club) £30 worth of takeaway, XXL BBQ papa johns pizza, Thornton’s chocolate Santas, 15ml Lacoste perfume, mini speakers, free cinema tickets to see: The Hobbit, Les Miserables, life of pi, I give it a year, and the list goes on and on….

Before you get the wrong idea or anything, these things weren't gained by spending hours and hours searching for them (I don't have time for that :p); all I would do, when I was bored in lectures or on the bus, was quickly browse Facebook and see posts about these things via bargain pages like '10 ways to have more money as a student', or the company's facebook page directly, put in my details, and voila free stuff!! It really is as easy as that and anyone can do it!!!

To prove it, when my boyfriend and I were going out earlier this week we got to Bromley a little bit too early for the cinema, so decided to look around the shops for a bit. Since neither of us had much money we decided to see how much we could get for free in the space of like 20 minutes...the results are below:

These things were gained by signing up to their Facebook site/using the codes on O2 priority moments! Again, not bad for 20 minutes work! These went down perfectly when we went to the cinema/restaurant...(where coincidently the restaurant had a 50% off deal on).

So now you know all my tips and tricks I would seriously recommend trying them out for yourself :)!
Now moving on to the updates about meeeee (I'll stick to the academic updates for now, and I'll do the personal stuff in my next blog, promiseeeeeee)

Second term is well and truly underway and although I only have 2 lecture/seminars this term (Law and Psychology and Advance Statistics) it seems like I'm busier than ever!! I think it's because I have the ever present thought of my dissertation looming over my head! My draft is due in in a mere few weeks and I still have soooo much to do in terms of the write up!

My courses are going okay though, the Law and Psychology module is really interesting and ties in with my dissertation really well as we're currently looking a lot at the unreliability of eye witness testimony. Advanced Statistics is okayy, it's kind of been a repeat of what we did in second year at the moment, so I'm hoping that once we get into it a bit more it should pick up hopefully :)

But yeahhhh, that's all I have time for now!! In a while, crocodilessss x

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